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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 6, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the victim suffered a non-life threatening wound by being grazed or cut by broken glass. it is unclear whether other passengers evacuated or stayed on board. the police are investigating this and looking at video from cameras seeking clues about the shooter or shooters this afternoon. reporting live, david stevenson ktvu channel 2 news. extreme heat tomorrow, a spare the air alert for tomorrow -- alert for tomorrow. higher temperatures. you are asked to cut your power use, avoid using gas powered equipment and take public transit. if you are thinking about going to the beach this weekend, watch out for rip currents. we have live team coverage on the weather. mark tamayo is tracking the
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heat but we first turn to ktvu's health and science editor john fowler for more on the rip currents and what you should do if you get caught in one. john? >> reporter: that's right. right now we are at ocean beach and it is chilly and the beach is empty but that is expected to change tomorrow. three factors are coming together right now to make the next two days risky, especially here. >> reporter: even on this cool day many people in the water despite the risk. >> i feel safe. i don't know how taswim i am not going to go in -- to swim, i am not going to go in there. >> he took these pictures this afternoon. the water is cold, 52 degrees. waves, and rip currents deadly. >> this is one of the most dangerous beaches in the united states. >> he was busy today warning
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people. >> the rip current can pull you away from shore. that shall why we ask you stay in shall -- that is one reason we ask you to stay in shallow water. >> giving you a big wave out of nowhere. >> she worried whenever she sees small children at ocean beach. >> waves could be twice as big as it is in an incident. >> i know there are some here and i wouldn't let my kids swim in it. >> reporter: big waves over underwater sand bars are responsible for the rip currents here. if you are pulled out, don't fight it, swim parallel to the beach to get out and install for help. hopefully you won't need to do that. reporting live, health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. >> here a heat up is underway.
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some spots into the 90s, maybe 100. mart t sin for -- mark tamayo is in for bill martin. >> mid-90s. the beaches will be the relief area but as john mentioned, rip currents will be a concern. you could see the waves out there. we have a swell approaching the bay area, that is a lot of energy being pushed. as a result that is why we are talking about rip currents and good idea, you could spot them off shore, sometimes pick up the sand, they could have a brownish tint. the inland spots, different story. here is a look at the numbers out there. oakland 64 degrees. san francisco missing there, 60. the warmest location, inland, not too hot just yet, low 80s,
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that will be changing tomorrow. coming up, a look at the neighborhoods that will approach the upper 90s friday. >> and stay with us. follow ktvu online, forecast updates on twitter and facebook. air force one is expected to touch down at moffett field within the hour. president obama will attend two fundraisers tonight. ktvu's patti lee is live. >> reporter: about 100 people have been invited to this reception. you can see them lining up. they are getting ready for a security check. we are two blocks away from where the reception is scheduled to start in less than two hours and you may be able to hear this, around the corner is protesters, they are here to let president obama they are
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against the pipeline. we were parked in front of the house where the reception is going to take place but we had to move for security. you can see we have one protester who wanted to make sure this neighborhood had a chance to see some of the signs. this latest barricade was just put in. >> motley crue convened at the home today. >> incredible honor. >> reporter: the secret service searched the area while musicians warmed up. >> i am nervous. i don't remember my social security number when they asked me for it. that is how nervous i got. >> reporter: looky-loos dropped by and neighbors tell us they ran air ends early knowing --
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errands early knowing getting around wouldn't be easy. >> there is security up and down 101, all the bridges. >> no, we sold out. >> he says he is disappointed he won't see the president, now on his 13th trip to the state. >> always comes for fundraising but we are here to see him. >> the president comes to california to raise money. essentially treating the state like an atm. >> there would be nice if there was public appearances. there are lot of supporters. >> we moved around the corner. this is where the protesters gathered. they brought music, signs. again, we are two blocks away from the house where the president is scheduled to arrive. whether he will see the
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protesters is unclear at this point. coming up at 6:00 p.m. we will talk to the host who explains why the reception that starts at $2,500 is not an elites event at 6:00 p.m. tonight. the couple hosting the visit says it is building a lot of excitement on their street. >> we are feeling the enthusiasm from the neighborhood, from folks we talk to. it does add pressure on to you but we are -- we are treating it like a party. >> she says it has been an opportunity do all the things they have been thinking about. they are founders of flip board. more details on the president's visit. after the stop he will go to the valley for a private fundraiser. tomorrow he will be in san jose where he will make a statement about obama administration. this is his second visit to the
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bay area since he was reelected. in april he raised $3 million for democratic candidates running next year. a small group demonstrated this morning to make their feelings known about president obama's immigration policies. they were protesting near the bart station. they claim illegal immigrants are detained each year and it is not fair. >> he says he supports our community but he hasn't done anything about it and he has the power to stop it. >> a spokeswoman says president obama has not fulfilled his campaign promise. police say a woman robbed a cab driver this morning about 8:45 a.m. the driver described the woman
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as white, mid-20 with dirty blond hair. police and fbi are investigating a bank robbery at the bank of america branch. law enforcement sources say it might be related to three similar robberies. police describe the robbers as three black men wearing hoodies and masks. tonight people in san jose will remember victims of recent violence. it comes after six deadly attacks in the past 9 days in san jose. the victims are range in age from 15-20. the mayor, fire chief and local church leaders are expected to attend. the vigil is meant to honor the victims, families and the first responders. the vigil is at 7:30 p.m. they approved installing dozen of comrus to record --
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cameras to recordalists in response -- license license plates in response to home invasion robberies. they check to see if the plate was reported lost or stolen and stores the number for future reference. >> we have seen other cities, lot of cities in los angeles, and southern california have them. we thought this would work well. >> response from residents has been positive. the 39 cameras at 15 locations will cost $700,000. and that is a lot more than the city paid for similar cameras in 2009. with only two roads the price tag was $130,000. police say theft dropped by 40% since plans were announced.
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water gushed from a broken water main this morning. it broke around 5:00 a.m. this morning. it takes water up to the reservoir but this morning it came back down into neighborhoods. damaging the street heavily. >> actually i was. i didn't realize it was that close. and the force of the water that was coming down was incredible. i had no idea there was that much watered the the street. >> water service was back to normal for all but a few by mid- morningic and within the last half hour they finished repairs. a contractor is expected to repave the street on monday. defending government snooping. why a bay area politician says it was necessary to track cell phone records to keep america
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safe. >> this neighborhood tries to rebuild, the story of a big shake up at the california public utilities commission. [ male announcer ] at montrose pet hospital,
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inatrole in the san bruno pipeline explosion. ktvu's mike mibach has more. >> reporter: we got to talk about the timing because tomorrow is the deadline to submit arguments in regards to how much pg&e should be fined. here we are talking about how four attorneys are no longer assigned to the case. three years later residents continue to try to rebuild. >> reporter: the signs are here. new back splash. new landscape. new homes. san bruno is rebuilding and the politics tied to the explosion that brought it down is
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resurfacing. the city manager. >> what we know is that there is massive turmoil inside of the p.u.c. >> four california public utilities commission attorneys investigating the san bruno pipeline explosion asked to be reassigned. >> they saw the ethical part of their job as attorneys, they have an obligation to abide by standards and they held to that. >> at issue the proposal penalty against pg&e. >> there is no fine attached to this and then they get the tax benefit as well. >> reporter: one of the four attorneys explained why he did so in an e-mail. saying recommendations that were to be made in the penalty was unlawful and contrary to what our team had worked to
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accomplish. >> for the 8 people who lost their lives in san bruno there is no justice. >> she is asking energy to investigate the cpuc. >> -- the attorney general to investigate the cpuc. >> the two cozy relationships between the regulator and the utility. >> reporter: a spokesperson for cpuc said no lawyers were fired, only they had be asked to be reassigned. a judge is expected to rule on the penalty on pg&e this summer. live, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our coverage continues online on we posted the letter from the city of san bruno. pg&e and two contractors agreed to pay $50 million to cover damages from two wildfires that burned 18,000 acres. the 2004 power fire was started
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by a cigarette from a crew of workers hired to trim brush around a pg&e line. the 2008 whiskey fire was blamed on tree limbs that hadn't been trimmed touching a power line. the money will pay for damage. firefighters in southern california said today they hope to have the powerhouse fire contained by next monday. that fire burned 30,000 acres since it started on may 30 in los angeles county. it is 78% contained. 24 homes are among the 53 structures destroyed by the flames. learning the focus of the fbi investigation into a senator and his brother. three people say they are focusing on his actions
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concerning the water district. they paid the brother $11,000 a month to be a consultant. they want to know about his involvement in legislation. the board that over sees the high-speed rail picked a consorttium, the group submitted the lowest of five bids, $985 million but it also scored lowest for safety and design quality. ground breaking is set for this summer on the first 30 miles between fresno and mudara. oracle was spotted practicing on the san francisco bay as the race is growing smaller and smaller. artimus might pull out after the death of one of the sailors last month. if that happens it would leave only one team to race for the
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america's cup in september. the bay or the ocean will be the place to be this weekend. mark tamayo is here. >> it will get hot. the big range in temperatures from the 60s coast side, trip digits inland. a beautiful shot this afternoon. the top of mount tam, 2500 feet, looking above the fog. as a result the fog being compressed and we have dense fog near parts of the shoreline. right now, the clouds hugging the shoreline, half moon bay, towards the san francisco zoo, ocean beach. clouds a factor for a part of the bay area. winds a factor as well. strong winds towards fairfield, 24 miles per hour. if the winds were out of the northeast we would have a warm up across the bay area. still a breeze and winds
5:20 pm
towards sfo, 23 miles per hour. livermore 15 miles per hour. we showed you the camera, here is the graphic, the warm air above us, as a result dense fog showing up tonight and tomorrow morning near the immediate coast line, golden gate bridge, highway 1. be careful tomorrow morning. partly cloudy skies. coastal fog friday morning, temperatures in the low 50s. santa rosa 52. san jose 55 degrees. here is our forecast, this is the cool end of the temperatures for tomorrow. mid-60s towards ocean beach. san francisco on track to reach lower 70s. temperature censor going up inland. concord, livermore back up to the mid-90s. 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., tomorrow, warmest locations, closing in on triple digits. highs, we warm up 5-10 degrees for friday. san francisco 70 degrees.
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san jose 87. upper 90s towards fairfield and antioch. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view two warmest days friday and saturday. and then we cool off beginning sunday. a drop off in temperatures for the second half of the weekend. a few thunderstorms in the sierra. drifting closer to the bay area. we will talk about that in a few minutes. cooler trend continues for monday. update on thunderstorms coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. one of the world's most powerful leaders is getting a divorce and the announcement was made on television. first a law maker working behind the scenes to draft immigration reform and the speed bump in her way. >> and a legal blow delivered to george zimmerman's defense team days before his trial is to begin.
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immigration reform is heating up again on capitol hill. on the house side a law maker's effort may have hit a speed bump. >> no guarantee we will be successful but complaintryisready,the--the count complaintryisready,the- -thecount ryisready. thesystemisa--thecountryisready , thesystemisa- -thecountryisready, thesystem, the county is ready, the system is a mess. >> yesterday a republican walked away because of a
5:25 pm
disagreement on healthcare for undocumented workers. speaker of the house john boehner asked if that will boom the bill's chances for survival? >> i think that that debate is continuing. >> they say they believe a house immigration bill will be unveiled by the end of the month. the u.s. senate is set to debate its own measure next week. in san jose tomorrow immigrant workers and supporters will hold a match in support of immigration reform. it will be held outside the district office of a congresswoman. the senate paid a tribute to frank lautenberg. his body was brought to capitol hill where it will lie till tomorrow for his burrural autology alabama. he died -- burial at arlington
5:26 pm
national cemetery. george zimmerman was in a courtroom today for the final hearing before he goes on trial for murdered in the killing of trevon martin. the judge turned down a request that witnesses could testify in private because they were afraid for their safety. she will rule after the trial on whether to impose sanctions on prosecutors. search crews in philadelphia over night pulled a woman from the rubble of the collapsed building there. she is the 14th person recovered alive. it took them 12 hours to find her. she is hospitalized tonight in critical condition. safety officials say they will continue to search for as long as it takes to recover the victims. the death toll now stands at six. we have breaking news to
5:27 pm
report out of the south bay. in gilroy police evacuated a walmart. a police spokesperson tells us some type of incident has been going on for two hours and that officers are on the scene. the dispatch reports a suspicious package was abandon at walmart. witnesses say the store has been evacuated. we are working to get more information. if we do we will bring it to you. it was a case of government over reach. and we see that happening today. >> keeping track of cell phone records. the government's security tactic revealed today and the heated reaction. >> for 50 years the community in san jose celebrated the end of the school year together, why this year's good-bye is so much more emotional. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> uncle sam a cell phone snoop? the government has been collecting millions of verizon phone records for months. a court order allows them to collect the phone records of average citizens. ktvu's john sasaki is here with what information is being gathered and how it could be used. >> reporter: this is what the government is after. verizon phone records. it is a move that should concern everyone. >> reporter: almost everyone has a cell phone and many have verizon service. >> this is a 4g. >> reporter: customers are concerned about privacy because the government has been collecting millions of verizon
5:31 pm
phone records since april. a court order requires verizon to hand over the records on a daily basis. >> it was who was being called and how long they were being called for and where they were when they were making the calls. a tremendous amount of information turned over for the government. >> reporter: in the east bay a conference on privacy laws. >> geeks like me suspected something like this. >> reporter: the government says it is trying to route out terrorism by collecting phone records, regardless if they are suspected of wrong doing. experts say the search for terrorism might not be the biggest issue, rather than all the other information the government could find. >> it is revealing. it could give us information about political and religious associations. >> one customer compared this to 1984. >> a case of government over
5:32 pm
reach. and we see that happening today. >> another customer said she is okay with it if the government is trying to find teraers. -- teraers. >> reporter: this is unlikely this is happening to just verizon. the times is reporting the national security agency has been snooping through people's internet company usage, google, facebook and apple going back six years. reporting live, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. california senator dianne feinstein said she has known about this for years and defended it as legal and necessary to prevent terrorism. >> terrorists will come after us and the only thing we have is good intelligence to understand a plot is being hatched and to get there before they get to us.
5:33 pm
>> the only records being gathered pertain to phone numbers and the time and length of calls. we are learning more details about the deal between verizon and the nfl to left customers watch games on their smart phones. the contract is set to run for four years. verizon customers will be able to watch any game that is airing live in their television market. the nfl says it is a matter of keeping up with the times. >> nfl football is america, america is going mobile. smart phone is no longer an option piece of equipment. we need to go where fans are going. >> verizons and the nfl also plan to develop -- verizon and the nfl also plan to develop an app. speculation mounts on whether apple will announce a
5:34 pm
new ipad. they are selling cases for the ipad 5. the company is known for announcing cases for major apple products before they are released. 4-5 of those cases have fit the new devices. the new case is based on league specks. on wall street today the market staged a come back. the dow is up 80 to 15,040. the nasdaq is up 22 at 3,424. the s&p is up 13 to 1,622. breaking news, we are learning city water crews are trying to deal with possibly four water main breaks there. one was reported an hour ago. water from a main burst in the road. you can see water is shooting out of there, 40 feet high in the air. at this point this is new video and new information of four water main breaks. we are working to get more
5:35 pm
information from neighbors and crews. we are also trying to find out what caused them. theinant minute we have details -- the minute we have details we will bring them to you on ktvu channel 2 news. families are gathering at a school in san jose that is scheduled to be closed. ktvu's robert handa is live tonight at the school. robert? >> reporter: it is a familiar time here in san jose. rogers elementary school has been here for 50 years. this one going on right now will be the last, rogers is the latest casualty in a district struggling with budget cuts. many came out for the final days and that makes this bittersweet. >> this is very devastating to us. at the same time this is going to be a bittersweet
5:36 pm
celebration. we will be reunited with staff and students and it will be sad because we are saying good-bye to the school. >> short term it is painful. relocation of families, staff, long term it helps the district to better identify resources. >> reporter: it will be a tough last week here for rogers elementary school and at another school, they will also close down on june 14. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. and coming up later a team of high school students walked off with first place awards in a national science competition. and why one astudent says this could -- student says this could heal this family. the fake warning signs people put up that angers
5:37 pm
beachgoers and the irs in hotter water, how much that video cost tax payers and why the pope's call to action has nothing to do with religion. what he wants you to do with your left overs. ♪
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a top irs official apalogized today for an --
5:40 pm
apologize today for a conference in california. that 2010 event cost 4 million tax dollars, 50,000 of which was spent on videos. including a star trek spoof. the executive spent tax money on a presidential hotel suit and today he apologized. >> it is embarrassing. and i apologize. >> i live in a block where most people don't make $50,000 a year but we can produce a video that has no redeeming value. none. and spend taxpayers hard earned dollars for that. >> the irs acting commissioner says efforts to reduce conference costs are underway. russian president and his wife announced today they are
5:41 pm
divorcing. they made the announcement on tv after attending a ballet performance. they are a few weeks short of their 30th anniversary. throwing away food is like stealing from the poor according it pope francis. today the pope attacked the culture of waste. earlier this week the u.s. department of agricultural and the epa targeted waste, challenging people to reduce the amount of food they waste. it is estimated americans throw away up to 40% of their food according to the epa. president obama's arrival in the bay area. he is running ahead of time. what is happening at moffett field, air force one is expected to arrive anytime.
5:42 pm
this is it landing right now. look at the right hand side of your screen, coming in. the president is running 15 minutes ahead of schedule. we have reporters at moffett field and where the president is making two fundraising stops. when we come back the president arriving in the bay area. >> temperatures today starting to warm up. get ready for the warm up tomorrow, coming the neighborhoods that will approach the 90s and the hottest day of the up coming weekend. ♪ roundup ♪ i'm a loving husband and a real good dad ♪ ♪ but weeds just make me rattlesnake mad ♪ ♪ now roundup has a new sharp-shootin' wand ♪
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the man who bills himself
5:45 pm
as american's most notorious lobbyist is scheduled to speak 45 minutes ago. he was equilibriumed of fraud, conspiracy and tax evasion. he wrote a book about his illegal activities and he will talk about that at usf starting at 6:30 p.m. after a protest yesterday that led to a number of erast, security guards said -- arrests, security guards said they are back at the bargaining table. they rallied yesterday. one group staged a sit in. today their union said they were in negotiations all night long and again today. they have been working without a contract since december. they are demanding better pay and job security. a stretch of market street will be closed tomorrow night. plans call for repaving the
5:46 pm
street with 1300-tonstons of asphalt at 7:00 tomorrow. traffic will be detoured. turk street will be the alternate route. ester williams has died. she was 17 years old when she got her big break in the world's fair on treasure island. [ music ] >> she starred in swimming movies for mgm. at the peak of her fame she was one of hollywood's highest paid stars. when movies fizzled she designed swim wear. she died at her home this morning. ester williams was 91 years old. tropical storm andrea is pounding florida today. rain is blanketing the state.
5:47 pm
6 inches of rain is expected in some areas. a possible storm surge of 2-5 feet along florida's western coast. and the governor warned of an additional danger. >> 8 tornadoes, that is probably our biggest risk. everybody has to look, watch out, follow the tornado warnings and watches. >> tropical storm andrea is expected to cut across florida and hit georgia before moving up the coast. the storm could bring rain to new england this weekend. dozens of kites sailed above the waters today. the yacht club is hosting the kite board racing championship. qualifying rounds began yesterday for this event -- began yesterday for this event. they are sharing the waters with boat traffic. back to moffett field as
5:48 pm
soon as air force one comes in. first our weather. things are heating up here. >> we have warmer temperatures to talk about for tomorrow and into saturday. today nothing too marblinger. we started to warm up -- too major. we started to warm up. clouds hugging the shoreline, closer to the golden gate bridge and santa rosa as well. therethereis the -- there is the fog, hugging the coast line. as far as current temperatures, upper 50s, cool in san francisco. inland, 80s, livermore, fairfield, san jose mid-70s. temperatures from this afternoon, lower 60s coast side, to 70s. warmest locations mid-80s. tomorrow 90s for friday. tonight coastal fog, breezy for friday and saturday.
5:49 pm
hot inland and we cool off, drop off in temperatures for the second half of the weekend. here is our forecast model, fog tomorrow morning. dense, sneaking back into the bay and putting the model into motion, this is triple digits towards sacramento, warmest locations tomorrow in the inland, approaching 100, upper 90s, north bay, clear lake, 100 degrees. high pressure started to build in today. we started to warm up. we will take this into your friday and saturday. the hottest days. mild numbers for the beaches, 60s. but then back up into the 90s, approaching 100 degrees. into the weekend, watching this, sunday, moisture wrapping around a system. we could have showers in some sierra. thunderstorm for the -- in the
5:50 pm
sierra, thunderstorms. temperatures tomorrow, 70s, 80s, warmest locations upper 90s. san jose 87 degrees. san francisco 70. daily city 66 degrees. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view hottest days friday and saturday. drop off in temperatures sunday. monday is the coolest day with partly cloudy skies by tuesday. >> if you want to get away go to the beach. >> beaches with fog. >> thank you. air force one just landed at moffett field. a live look. we will have a live report for you. air force one just landed. the stairs aren't in place so it will be a minute before the president comes out. we will have it for you when it happens next.
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happening now, president obama's bay area visit is beginning. ktvu's cara liu is live at moffett field where the president is about to get off of air force one. >> reporter: that's right. the president is a few minutes ahead of schedule. 6:00 p.m. arrival. you can see air force one right here. the stairs has been pulled up. and we are waiting his aexperience. there is a -- his appearance. there is a small group waiting to greet him. the white house hasn't listed
5:54 pm
who is in that. there are about 3, 4 dozen folks who are invited guests of the white house. they are 50 yards away from the plain. they are watching the president's arrival. from here -- sorry? >> are they allowing any members of the public to see this? i don't know if they are fenced off or not. >> reporter: well, this was not a public event. we asked how staff is earlier today and this event, the arrival here is not a public event and neither are the two fundraisers. nobody from the public here at moffett field. >> i imagine you had to go through a lot of security to get to where you are. can you tell us the process of being there hours and hours
5:55 pm
before air force one arrived? >> reporter: yeah. that is typical of these visits because of the high security necessary for something like this. our preset started at 2:30 p.m. when we were asked to arrive here and startbriing our equipment here -- start bringing our equipment here. we have gun through a couple of security screens and the secret service, canine and the police trying to make sure it is safe out here. >> from where you are standing, it is hard to tell how far away you are, you can't identify the folks there at the base of the stairs? >> reporter: i believe two people that i saw were both the nasa director -- nasa director and the deputy director. it is difficult to see. they are behind the vehicle right now so we don't have a clear view there. >> previous people we have seen
5:56 pm
greet the president there at air force one in year's past included mayor ed lee, kamala harris. usually there is one or two people known to the public. after moffett field here he has a tight schedule. he is not even in the bay area for 24 hours. >> reporter: you are exactly right. from here he heads to palo alto for a fund fundraiser. after that another fundraiser. tickets for the first reception started at $2,500. the price tag for the dinner event started 32 grand. there is the president now. he is about to be greeted by half a dozen folks there. just gave a salute to some of the folks. we believe there are one or two
5:57 pm
people from nasa and local leaders. we are awaiting an official list from the white house of who they are. >> the president in the bay area once again. he was here a couple months ago. another quick visit. he will be here less than 20 hours. two fundraisers tonight and then speak about his healthcare reform plan tomorrow. a short stay but he will be raising a lot of money. >> we are expecting to see the president get into the waiter car there. in previous visits we have seen him walk over to the people, last time he held a crying baby and we were able to speak to the parents of the child. the mom said that was great. couldn't imagine my baby was picked up by the president. there is always a story outside of his trip to come out of the bay area visit. >> coming up on ktvu channel 2
5:58 pm
news 6:00 p.m. in 2 minutes, you are watching live coverage of president obama as he make as quick stop in the bay area -- makes a quick stop in the bay area.
5:59 pm
many are waiting president
6:00 pm
obama's approval on the -- arrival on the peninsula. >> and a huge geyser making a mess out of a street and we are learning this isn't the only water break in the city right now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> 10-15 minutes ago president obama arrived in the bay area. we saw him get ought of air force -- off of air force one. ktvu's patty lee and ktvu's cara liu at moffett field where air force one just touched down. >> we saw the president greeting a group of 50 folks here, invited guests by the white house. we see a number of families


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